• Informative, Friendly and Patient
    The gentleman outside the enterprise who scanned my particulars was very friendly. He advised that the waiting time is generally long and suggested that I may want to head out for coffee while waiting. I was thereafter attended to by staff Darren at the counter, very informative, friendly and patient. He was able to offer suggestions and advise on my AirPods issue. Although both staff have their mask on, I could see that the service was nonetheless delivered thru smiles.
    Tan Melissa Diana
    22 Jun
  • Really Professional
    The service is really professional unlike what the negative reviews suggests. I hesitated at first but would love to go back if the problem arises! The staff are understanding and the repair was prompt.
    Balakrishnan Naveen Mani Kumar
    17 Jun
  • 服务态度很好和友善
    今天2/6号刚去了维修airpods pro,有位名字叫Julie Tiang 的客服,服务态度很好和友善,不只帮我解决耳机问题,也教我如何更新保修日期,还很亲切的和我讨论苹果产品真伪的问题,真心的感谢她,身为马来西亚人的我,给于她最高的评价和赞赏
    David Lim T C Lim
    3 Jun
  • Friendly and Professional Staff
    Visited them yesterday. Pleasant experience at store with friendly and professional staff. Thanks for fixing my faulty screen on my phone just within a few hours. Keep up the good work 👍
    yan sau hean
    27 May
  • Service Was Fantastic
    Was initially a bit cautious because of the reviews here, but the service I encountered was fantastic. Staff were polite, friendly, and helpful. They called me to update me when there was a delay in replacement shipments for my iPad during the covid period, and updated me regularly. Julie served with a smile and I really appreciated that. Overall, very satisfied with the service I received.
    liying yang
    16 May
  • Smooth, Friendly, Professional and Efficient
    Brought my MacBook Pro to replace a swollen battery. Service was smooth, friendly, professional and efficient, from appointment booking online to sending in for repair. Got it back in good condition with replaced battery and top casing a week later, with the same good service as when I sent it in for repair. Thanks!
    Wei Yang Ng
    13 May
  • 美好、深刻的印象
    这是我第一次到这家维修中心,给我的印象是美好的、深刻的。 Miss Chong Ying Ai 是当天为我提供服务的小姑娘。她耐心地以华语为我和外子解释 我们所不懂得的电脑问题。 她化解了我们的疑虑,更懂得如何辨识虚假的网站。 她的热诚,彬彬有礼的态度当前服务行业少有的,我们带着愉快的心情离开维修中心,愿Miss Chong 工作愉快。 也希望管理层能发掘自己的员工有如此高的素质,好好珍惜。
    Jenny Teo
    8 May
  • Fast Response!
    Best luck still having my Apple Care. Would like to thanks Bernard Chan for help esp during this circuit breaker (CB) period! Fast response from him whenever i email out.?
    Janice Ng
    20 Apr
  • Thank You QCD
    QCD collected this set on Good Friday and within less than 1 week, I got my unit back almost brand new. I
    Teck Kuan Tan
    16 Apr
  • Service is Top Notch
    Julie is very helpful and patient. Her service is top notch and I really appreciate her advice. She deserves to be commended. Thanks again Julie
    Ley Shuang Chua
    14 Feb
  • Pretty Fast & Efficient
    The service at QCD Westgate is really good :) It wasn
    Rachel Liau
    23 Jan
  • Exemplary of Good Customer Service
    My son and I walked into QCD at Westgate and were served by Julie Tiang without even taking a Q number. I went to her because she appeared to be most approachable representative there. She is awesome and an exemplary of good customer service. She patiently helped to clean the AirPods and explained to my teenage son how to do it. She also sent me email on how to care for the device.
    Cindy Sim
    16 Dec
  • Appreciate the Hospitality and Professionalism
    I should show my appreciation for the hospitality and professionalism showed by this fellow employee. Visited QCD technology @ Westgate today after lunch hour and was attended by a dude name Qi Wei. Would like to commend him for his sense of professionalism when he was dealing my case of my MacBook Pro. He did a full detail diagnostic check for my going 3 years laptop, and showed plenty of patience and kindness. Wish his effort will be appreciated more by each and every customers and even the manager of this authorised repair centre.
    Jieming Benjamin
    13 Dec
  • Thankful for the Excellent Service
    Shella from Westgate was really helpful with my issues with my Apple Watch and she stayed beyond her working hours and was really patient in explaining to me how to resolve my issue. I went in at 7.50pm for my queue number and didn
    Jenny Ng
    10 Dec
  • Thankful for the Excellent Service
    Shella from Westgate was really helpful with my issues with my Apple Watch and she stayed beyond her working hours and was really patient in explaining to me how to resolve my issue. I went in at 7.50pm for my queue number and didn
    Jenny Ng
    10 Dec
  • Highly Recommended!!!
    I went to QCD Westgate to get assistance as i had issues with charging my iphone and with face ID. I was assisted by Zhiying, and i was very pleased with the level of professionalism and service that she has shown towards me despite this being her first time encountering a problem like this, even though the issue could not be resolved, she went out of her way to suggest alternatives for me which is commendable. Highly recommended!!!???
    Bryan Chui
    14 Nov
  • Highly Recommended!!!
    I went to QCD Westgate to get assistance as i had issues with charging my iphone and with face ID. I was assisted by Zhiying, and i was very pleased with the level of professionalism and service that she has shown towards me despite this being her first time encountering a problem like this, even though the issue could not be resolved, she went out of her way to suggest alternatives for me which is commendable. Highly recommended!!!
    Bryan Chui
    14 Nov
  • Went the Extra Mile
    Many thanks to both the manager and staff Syahidah at Westgate who have went extra mile to resolve my Macbook password related issues. Both of you have really made my day
    Lucinda Tay
    21 May
  • Definitely Recommend QCD!
    Thank God for having a QCD at Westgate. The CS Reps are all very very young but they definitely knew what they were doing. The team leader (I didn
    Iris Gabrielle Lindstr
    19 May
  • Really Friendly!
    I was at the Westgate branch, served by Julie. She was really friendly, and explained to me very clearly everything I needed to know about the condition of my product and the procedure of the repair. Great and fast service! Also, the design of the shop is really nice too! Does not even look like a repair centre at all!
    Jonny Lee
    19 May
  • Remarkable Experience at QCD
    I would like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation to the intern Mr Wong Wei Qi for his excellent service. My entire experience at QCD at Westgate was pleasant because of the professional service delivered by Mr Wong. His friendliness and meticulous nature gave me the confidence that my iPhone was in good hands. Mr Wong attended to me during the collection as well and he went the extra mile by advising me to check on the camera and whether if the apps are lagging to ensure that my phone is fully functional, which are tasks that I wouldn
    18 May
  • Very Good, Nice and Informative!
    My iphone battery was replaced immediately (as said will be done in 2hrs) around 1hr, the lady (@shella) customer service who attended to me was so very good, nice and informative. She gave me infos about what might be happen in case that my battery cant successfully change or what might be conflict in other parts, before doing the replacement. Also she gave me tips on how to take care of my phone properly. As for other customers, I saw them so happy while talking to their respective customer service. I was so very pleasant. Thank you very much
    Julious Glori
    18 May
  • Amazing Service!
    Had a great experience here! Came in with an issue on my MacBook Pro and was working with a a tight deadline. Rex and Rfafiqah were amazing and they helped me expedite the repair process! Service was amazing and thank you for going the extra mile!
    Ashley Goh
    10 Apr
  • Prompt response and services!
    I must thanks QCD for the prompt respond & services. Firstly really appreciated Jinxing at the service counter who helped me expedite my repair as well as Bernard who go the extra mile to get my computer back in 3 working days as promised. Thank you all for yr kind assistance! ??
    Lomency Ng
    26 Mar
  • Commendable Attitude!
    just wanted to praise the service provided by the indian lady at counter 12 this morning. as my laptop required some updates on the spot, i stood to the side while she attended to the next customer. witnessed how she dealt with the difficult questions and demands posed by the customer with her composed and professional demeanour, without losing her cool at all (i seriously would have). her attitude is truly commendable!
    Chen Yuxiu
    7 Mar
  • Comfy, spacious, polite and friendly!
    The new place at Westgate is comfy and spacious. Service officers are polite and friendly. Waiting time for iphone battery replacement took about 4hrs on a Sunday. Luckily it is located at a centralised shopping area
    Thomas Sim
    29 Oct
  • Exceptional Customer Service!
    Rama, Alan and Alex impressed me greatly with their outstanding attention to detail and immense dedication to their work as well as demonstrated an earnest interest towards ensuring that the technical needs of less tech-savvy Mac users such as myself and other customers are well addressed. I also observed that their kind patience and friendly disposition also enabled many other QCD customers (a number of whom were clearly less tech-savvy) to become more familiar with their Apple devices.
    James Chart
    11 Sep
  • Went Well For Me
    It went well for me. Had an iPhone 6s battery and screen replacement. Was done in 3hrs. Went to do my errands as was back at 8.05 the store was still open and the guy let me collect my phone.
    Andrew Nathanael
    22 Aug
  • Amazing Experience!
    I do not usually write reviews but my experience with QCD tech was indeed amazing. I recommend you guys to go to QCD for phone repairs as they are the official professionals to repair your phone. Do avoid third party store(bugis, simlim, neighbourhood) as first, their replacement service is not with original spare parts. Second, this might void your phone warranty and Apple may refuse to accept your phone for future services. Third, their price is also high for fake spare parts.
    Nicholas Witjaksono
    14 Jul
  • Really Helpful and Friendly Staff
    Had a pleasant experience! went there to change my phone battery and it was done with in 1hr and the staff was really helpful and friendly. waiting time was fine as i went early.
    Anika Maliyat
    29 Jun
  • Nice and Friendly Staff
    Counter staff were nice and I didn't feel like they were arrogant at any point (which frankly, is quite common here for many service desks...). There was something wrong with my IPhone's motherboard and I was not very optimistic about having it fixed. However the service was friendly and I was offered a loan phone without cost and was able to get the loan phone without much trouble. Pleased with the service (: Thank you
    Felicia Lim
    18 Jun
  • Excellent Service
    Excellent service. Got my battery replacement within 2 hrs
    Mw Lew
    16 May
  • Awesome Same-Day Repair
    Got my phone swiftly fixed in just two hours by the nifty technicians at QCD yesterday :) The same-day repair is awesome and despite the number of people at the branch, the queue system was fast and efficient. Mr John Mai, who assisted me, was courteous, polite and helpful. I'm grateful to the good peeps at QCD, keep up the amazing work!! :D
    Tan Janice
    10 May
  • Very Impressed, Super Patient!
    Very impressed with one of your QCD staff, Regine! She was super patient and never gave up in trying to restore my iPhone and the data. It was actually mission impossible but with Regine
    Flora Young
    24 Mar
  • Excellent customer service!
    Excellent customer service and management of queue time. Dedicated queues for different purposes; especially useful to manage crowds for battery replacement. Kudos to May Ling, Samuel Aw and Peter Lim for their assistance. Well done team. Keep up the good work
    Shao Yee Chan
    20 Mar
  • Very Impressed by the Service!
    I went in to do a battery replacement and was very impressed by the service. The team was friendly, helpful and holds a high integrity to customer service. Special thanks to Samuel for the quick and reliable service. Keep up the good job!
    Gale M. Ng
    16 Mar
  • Kudos to QCD staff!
    I sent my Mac book pro in for repair as the queue at Apple store was suggesting a waiting time of 6 hours (on a Sunday no less). I walked into QCD and was served on the dot. They replaced my entire top cover which comes with a new track pad and key board. I got my Mac 8 days later. After reading through some of the negative reviews posted, I was naturally apprehensive. But fortunately none of my fears came to pass. The collection was a breeze too and I got in and out of the centre under 5 mins. Kudos to the staff at QCD Wheelock for a job well done!
    CC Poh
    12 Feb
  • Knowledgeable, Helpful, Friendly, Patient!
    I would like to provide a feedback for your employee Alan Tan, whose service I already used twice. I am really happy with his IT support and excellent service. Alan is very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, patient and has a solution for every issues I had with both my computer and iPhone, I am very happy with his service.
    Olga Senn
    1 Feb
  • Impressed by the Efficiency!
    ...We were very impressed by the efficiency of the staffs at the store. In particular, we would like to commend your consultant Mr Rama for his patience, friendliness, helpfulness and extra efforts to attend to details and requests. We would also like to express our special thanks to Mr Hari for his great service. Their personality and professionalism really enhanced our impression of your store. Once again, kudos to all.
    Edmund Chen, Actor
    24 Jan
  • Highest Standard of IT Expertise and Care
    It is heartening to me that the needs of customers are genuinely being looked into. I was greatly moved by Rama, Alex and Alan's earnest desire to take the effort to spend the time and effort to advise me on the appropriate measures to take in the transfer of data following the rebooting of my MacBook Pro. I appreciate greatly their excellent teamwork and am certainly glad that I have had the good fortune of receiving the highest standard of IT expertise and care rendered.
    James Char
    14 Jan
  • Professional and Polite Service
    I am pleased with the excellent service of Ms Regine Hernandez of your Wheelock QCD Tech who has given highly professional and polite service.
    Dr Rappa
    10 Jan
  • Knowledgeable, Efficient and Very Friendly
    Service by Alex was excellent. Went the extra mile to attend to my needs despite managing multiple jobs. Alex was knowledgeable, efficient and very friendly. Will definitely recommend him and QCD!
    Bryan Gwan
    10 Jan
  • Great IT Service Knowledge
    Alex Loh has given me great services. He is patient and has a great level of IT service knowledge. Great Job Alex...Keep it up!
    Collin Chua
    8 Jan
  • Ended my Day with a Smile
    Ended my day with a smile. Thank you QCD! I waited very long for my turn and was a little annoyed and unhappy but Cherry - the customer service girl who attended to my issue made day by giving a very good service, not only she was very helpful but a friendly girl!!! Keep up the good job!
    Tamilzchelvi Ramasamy
    3 Jan
  • Good Working Attitude
    I'm extremely pleased with the service rendered by Regine - system analysis from Apple Service Centre at Wheelock Place. She has a very pleasant personality, and she's very patient to assist on my queries. Good working attitude always put on her sweet smile!
    Kellyn Kee
    2 Jan
  • Excellent Service
    I have received excellent service from yr colleague her name is Olivia Chaw , She has good talent of customer servicing , keep it up!!
    Kapyar Hnin Hayman Thway
    2 Jan
  • Great Smiles and Customer Service!
    Chris and Allan have assisted me with my macbook laptop issue this morning as I have problem starting the computer and was running low batt, Chris provided her own charger for me to charge while assisting me with some troubleshooting along with Allan's help. Appreciate and love the great smiles on their face and customer service provided!!
    Lim Guo Han
    30 Dec
  • Thank You QCD
    I was having trouble with my iPhone 7 because only Apple logo is appearing. I was really worried that I lose all my data inside so I decided to go to service centre. Fortunately, they said only software issue so no need to lose data. I was able to get my iPhone back in better condition. It was found out that the reason for the issue is lack of memory. The attendant extended an extra mile by helping me to deal with it through iCloud and setting up my "Find my iPhone". Thanks so much!
    Helvis Martin Cura
    30 Dec
  • Extremely Polite and Patient
    I was served by this CSO named Olivia, she was extremely polite and patient with me. She listens to my complaints regarding to my computer and shows sympathy to me. I feel so welcomed by her and able to trust my computer in the hands of QCD.
    Perry Cha
    30 Dec
  • Efficient and Friendly
    Very efficient and very friendly. Gets your spirits up even though your phone is down.
    Peter Chin
    29 Dec
  • Excellent Staff!
    Alex Loh has been an excellent staff, assisting an old man to understand Apple products, and how to manage it, thank you very much...
    Danniel Lee
    28 Dec
  • Helpful Staff!
    Alex Loh was very helpful in helping me with long headache process of the backup service of my current iPhone and transferring it to my new iPhone. Thank you so much for your assistance and help!! Have a Merry Christmas!!
    Carol Chan
    24 Dec
  • Best Software Specialist
    Alex Loh is one of the best software specialist at QCD in Wheelock Place. I am glad that he could help me with my iPhone 6Plus's problem. Am so relieved that Alex has manage to help me solve it. Will recommend iPhone users to come here and look for Alex Loh!!! Tq Alex.
    Ain Alkaff
    22 Dec
  • Professional and enthusiastic!
    Thanks to hari's advice n help i am available to understand my technologies better.. he's been so helpful and knows how to handle customers like me..indeed professional and enthusiastic! Thanks a lot hari :)
    Mohamad Ali
    21 Dec
  • Quick and Efficient Service
    Service was quick and efficient. Alex the technician helped me solve my issues efficiently and cost-effectively. Definitely recommend QCD for Mac issues. Thanks Alex and QCD.
    Rakhi Bhojwani
    20 Dec
  • Stellar Service from QCD!
    I would like to commend Hari on his excellent customer service today, when I brought in my MacBook Air for repair. He was helpful and knowledgeable, and did his best to help me in my distress. He made such a difficult situation much better, by assisting with communicating with Apple Call Centre to make them understand the situation so as to assist me better. I am very grateful for his stellar service, very rare in this day and age. He
    Shervaun Ng
    18 Dec
  • Great Staff at Wheelock
    Would like to compliment you on having great staff at Wheelock service centre. I was assisted by Carissa on two cases. She was most professional, patient and helpful in assisting me.
    17 Dec
  • Excellent Services, Thank You!
    I just want to simply express my heartfelt appreciation to your counter service staff Mr John Mai who is a very nice man in delivering his very excellent services to me, as an old aged lady!!! Thank you very much!!!
    Mdm C. L. Mun
    15 Dec
  • Amazingly Fast Service
    Amazingly fast. Changed faulty screen and keyboard cable within two days. Able to pick up on a Saturday. Completely free under AppleCare.
    Ted Johansson
    9 Jul
  • Very Helpful, Knowledgeable and Witty Staffs
    Awesome customer service. Very helpful, knowledgeable and witty staffs. Was pre-empt by the staffs on the waiting time, so it wasn
    Janelle Jan
    16 Mar